Favorite Podcasts from 2016

As I said in 2014, I love podcasts. I did give Serial a shot, and I loved it. That was in 2015, though. In my list of my favorite podcasts from 2016, I won’t focus on the technical aspects of each show like I did in 2014. Instead, I’ll write about the content of these shows and why they’re on my list.

Accidental Tech Podcast

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I like challenging my ideas, and ATP definitely does that for me. John, Marco, and Casey host a great tech podcast and cover everything I can ever think of when it comes to tech.

Blender Institute Podcast

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I’ve recently started making professional blender tutorials so I like to keep up on everything blender. This podcast is fun and technical.


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I’m a huge fan of CGP Grey and Myke Hurley, and in this podcast, they talk about technology and their work habits. I just started listening over the past few months.

Hello Internet

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The back and forth between CGP Grey and Brady Haran is second to none. This podcast always brightens my day and is probably the most broadly enjoyable podcast on this list.

Under the Radar

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This is how I keep up with the Apple development world. I don’t listen to every episode, but it’s a nice and short podcast.

How To Do Everything (R.I.P.)

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This podcast has just ended but has been a great show in 2016. I always learn something new, although it isn’t always something useful. That’s fun, though.

The Talk Show With John Gruber

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The top podcast on my priority list. John has the best, level-headed take on technology. He and his guests usually focus on Apple news, but they’ll talk about anything that’s important.

Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project

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I’m a maker, so this podcast helps me stretch my maker muscles. It also helps that I adore Adam Savage and the team at tested.com.

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