The Mac Pro is Important to Every Apple Customer

I hate Formula 1 racing. I don’t find it enjoyable to watch in person. I understand why people enjoy watching it, though. I understand the benefits it brings to the rest of the automobile industry. The whole point of Formula 1 racing is to shave every second off the time it takes to go around a track. Teams of engineers sweat every little detail. They will do anything they can to make the car go faster, all to win a race. These engineers solve problems that automobile companies have no incentive to fix. Why should your car manufacturer care if your car gets 1% better fuel economy. You’ll find a much less important reason to pick a different car. But since they have spent so much money on finding these solutions, they’ll pass the benefits on to you.

The same exact thing is true for many industries, including electronics. My three-year-old laptop still runs great. A great product makes it easy to be complacent. When Apple decides it makes sense to push their best machines even further, we’ll all win. Apple does a great job of borrowing from themselves. They’re not afraid to share their technical solutions across product lines. I think the new professional Mac line will be great, but I know it will make all the other products even better.

I bring this up in response to the podcast Upgrade 135: Trashed The Can @ 1:11:09. Jason Snell says “for a lot of people, it doesn’t matter and it’s not important”. I agree with Jason here, and I love this episode. I encourage you to listen to the whole episode, even the series. I disagree that it doesn’t matter. I get that most people won’t own a Mac Pro, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t care about it.

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