ToneBands Review

Overview & Disclaimer

ToneBands are Apple Watch Sport Bands that have a pin that matches the black Apple Watch finish. The pin is the metal part that connects the two ends of the band. Each band is available for sale for $18. They offer 38mm and 42mm sizes, both coming in small/medium and medium/large lengths. You can buy all three available colors, white, gray, and lavender, in the Spring 2017 Collection for $38, a savings of $15 if you were to buy all three bands separately.

I know and have worked with the founders, Jon Becker and Cameron Banga. This review is about the bands, and I’ll do my best to form an unbiased opinion.


The colors for the Spring 2017 Collection are white, gray and lavender. The white is very white, the lavender is nice and subtle, and the gray is every so slightly red to my eye. The gray is gray, though, don’t let me confuse you.

All of the watchbands in the Spring 2017 Collection have black pins. The pins match either the Space Gray or Space Black Apple Watch.

I really like the white and gray. The white is by far my favorite band. I’m not crazy about the lavender, but that’s ok. It is still a great color.


The ToneBands feel velvety to the touch. The Apple bands feel a bit tacky (in the sense of stickiness, not quality) and smooth. I find the ToneBands to be more comfortable than the Apple bands. The ToneBands seem to have less resistance to bending compared to Apple’s. The Apple band is just a bit firmer. On the wrist, the feeling of the ToneBands disappear. I barely notice the feel of them on my arm.


I measured the thickness of my Apple Sport Band and all three ToneBands. I took two measurements. The first measurement was by the pin, the second was near the last hole.

  • Near Pin:
    • Black Apple: 3.50 mm
    • White ToneBand: 3.43 mm
    • Gray ToneBand: 3.45 mm
    • Lavender ToneBand: 3.46 mm
  • On Strap:
    • Black Apple: 2.51 mm
    • White ToneBand: 2.49 mm
    • Gray ToneBand: 2.43 mm
    • Lavender ToneBand: 2.51 mm

As you can see, the bands are very close to the same thickness as the Apple band. Since the ToneBands feel different, the seem thinner.


Ordering the ToneBands was easy. They arrived quickly and were packaged nicely. The envelopes were sealed with wax, which was a nice touch. The price was reasonable, and definitely cheaper than Apple. For bands that I prefer, I’d say it’s a great deal. If you’re interested in matching your watch band to your watch, ToneBands is a company to keep your eye on.

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