Apple Watch Wishlist

Here are some features I’d love to see on the Apple Watch.

  1. Goal Completion Goal – When you start a new workout, you can either set a goal for Calories, Time, or an Open Goal. One of my favorite things to do is close my goal, so I’d like to see an option for Complete Ring or Complete Goal. I think this might motivate people to complete their goals.
  2. Alert and Ringtone Options – Adding options to change how alerts and ringtones sound would be great, especially if you have multiple devices that ring. Right now they ring with all different ringtones, which sounds awful and dissonant.
  3. Sleep Mode and Night Brightness – I’ve been using Sleep++ to track my sleep with my Apple Watch, and I’ve used Theater Mode to keep the watch from lighting up at night. It could be better, though. During your bedtime, the overall brightness should be lower, and a native way to track sleep can only improve results and encourage others to get better sleep.
  4. Find my Watch – I’ve forgotten where I put my watch once, and it seems like a chore to fire up Find My iPhone just to make it play a sound, especially since you can use the Apple Watch to find your iPhone really easily.
  5. Forgot Phone – If I leave the house and my watch is on, but my phone is still at home, it would be great to get a notification on my watch to know that I’ve left the phone behind. This could also help if your phone gets stolen.
  6. Exercise & Stand Streak – Apple Watch already tracks your Move Streak, so why not your Exercise and Stand Streak?
  7. Sleep Goals and Streak – iPhone has a Bedtime feature, and it makes sense for a report on how often you reach your goal, and your streak for nights of good sleep.
  8. Forgot Watch and Unlock Reminder – I have a passcode on my watch, and sometimes I forget to unlock it. I’d love to see my phone let me know, or my watch to nudge me to unlock it.
  9. Change Nightstand Appearance – Nightstand mode is nice, but can I choose a different color or brightness?

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