About Heated Bits

Heated Bits is a new site by me, Jeff Lange. While writing on this site isn’t my full-time job, I hope I can write something interesting for you.

In my past, I was a iPhone app designer with one hit app, Battery Go! back in 2009. It was a fun ride with my two friends Cameron Banga and Michael Phelps, who continued to develop apps at 9magnets.

I went to Valparaiso University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a minor in TV and radio. I had a great time writing a tech column for the college newspaper, The Torch.

You can reach me at @jefftml

What I’ll be writing about

While this may change over time, I aim to write about technology from my point of view. My own experiences lead to the articles I write. I hope to bring my view to the table, and not regurgitate all the other, better written posts.

My day job is web development, and I’m an ok photographer and videographer, so I might write about those topics as well.