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Favorite Things from 2016

I wanted to expand on my list of favorite podcasts from 2016 with my favorite things from this year. These are in no order or categories because I wrote this as ideas popped into my head, and it’s already 2017,… [More]

Apple TV Single Sign On is Leverage

I was listening to the latest episode of The Talk Show with John Gruber when it hit me. Apple TV’s single sign on service is a feature to make our lives easier, but for Apple it’s a great way to know just… [More]

The Science Behind a GoPro Launch Video

Creating a GoPro launch video can be unpredictable and challenging, but there are formulas that have surfaced over a handful of iterations that shine an interesting light on how mathematical and precise the creative process actually is. I have broken these ideas… [More]

GoPro Session

A GoPro with a way smaller form factor. I can’t wait until they can pack in all of the features and performance of it’s bigger brother.