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Playing Jackbox Games with Remote Friends

Jackbox Games are hilariously fun. The games are designed to be played with all of the players in the same room. We have great friends who live far away, so I set out to find a way to play with… [More]

Facebook Paper Removes and Changes Content Sections

Yesterday I noticed that my Facebook Paper app was missing a few of the sections I added. Some of the sections that I know are missing are: Creators Photography Planet Here’s the new list of sections: Facebook Headlines Tech Well… [More]

Dark Sky 5

For iPhone 6 users, we are also including the option to turn on automatic pressure sensor reporting. The iPhone 6 comes with a built-in barometer, primarily used for determining altitude. But there also exists the potential to revolutionize weather forecasting…. [More]

Supporting iPhones Without Force Touch

Apple’s 2015 WWDC Keynote didn’t reveal that force touch would be supported by iOS 9, probably because the latest iPhones[footnote]The iPhone 6 and 6+[/footnote] don’t support force touch. However, I imagine that come fall 2015, we’ll be seeing iPhones that support force touch… [More]