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Apple Watch Wishlist

Here are some features I’d love to see on the Apple Watch. Goal Completion Goal – When you start a new workout, you can either set a goal for Calories, Time, or an Open Goal. One of my favorite things… [More]

The Year of iOS in the Car – WWDC 2017

During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, California on June 5, 2017, Apple announced a few features in iOS that will make using an iPhone in the car much nicer. Here they are in random order. One-handed zoom in Maps… [More]

Why You Should Install Security Updates to iOS

I update my iPhone every time there’s a new version of iOS, but I make sure everyone I love has security updates right away. You should too.

Facebook Paper Removes and Changes Content Sections

Yesterday I noticed that my Facebook Paper app was missing a few of the sections I added. Some of the sections that I know are missing are: Creators Photography Planet Here’s the new list of sections: Facebook Headlines Tech Well… [More]

Dark Sky 5

For iPhone 6 users, we are also including the option to turn on automatic pressure sensor reporting. The iPhone 6 comes with a built-in barometer, primarily used for determining altitude. But there also exists the potential to revolutionize weather forecasting…. [More]

Supporting iPhones Without Force Touch

Apple’s 2015 WWDC Keynote didn’t reveal that force touch would be supported by iOS 9, probably because the latest iPhones[footnote]The iPhone 6 and 6+[/footnote] don’t support force touch. However, I imagine that come fall 2015, we’ll be seeing iPhones that support force touch… [More]

Facebook Paper has No Ads

Once Facebook Paper was released early in 2014, I have used it on my iPhone. Since March 2014, I’ve used it as my only Facebook app on my iPhone. Why? When I first switched, I wanted a better designed app…. [More]

Jason Snell on CarPlay

It’s currently very early days for CarPlay. The technology currently appears on a small number of aftermarket car stereos and as an option in some brand-new cars. It’s an attempt by Apple to create a more appropriate in-car interface for… [More]