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Apple Watch Wishlist

Here are some features I’d love to see on the Apple Watch. Goal Completion Goal – When you start a new workout, you can either set a goal for Calories, Time, or an Open Goal. One of my favorite things… [More]

The Mac Pro is Important to Every Apple Customer

I hate Formula 1 racing. I don’t find it enjoyable to watch in person. I understand why people enjoy watching it, though. I understand the benefits it brings to the rest of the automobile industry. The whole point of Formula… [More]

Concept: Mac Pro 2

The best fake product I’ve seen this month. The only thing I’d wonder is what the airflow would look like.

My “HoBO” Backup Plan

My backup plan is a three part plan: Home Bank Online … hence the phrase “HoBO” Backup Plan. Here’s what I mean by this. Home – I keep a local incremental backup on an external drive at my desk. For… [More]