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The Science Behind a GoPro Launch Video

Creating a GoPro launch video can be unpredictable and challenging, but there are formulas that have surfaced over a handful of iterations that shine an interesting light on how mathematical and precise the creative process actually is. I have broken these ideas… [More]

GoPro Session

A GoPro with a way smaller form factor. I can’t wait until they can pack in all of the features and performance of it’s bigger brother.

How No One Is Ever “Robbed” of an Academy Award

Just don’t watch them with any sense that there’s a right or wrong way for them to pan out. It’s not an evening of what’s right. It’s an evening of what’s most liked.

Christopher Nolan Shares DIY Shooting Tricks of His No-Budget First Film, ‘Following’

Outlining DIY tips and tricks he used to get the film made with very limited resources, Nolan also explains how some of the methods he learned making Following still influence him to this day — even when shooting IMAX. A video worth watching… [More]