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Apple Watch Wishlist

Here are some features I’d love to see on the Apple Watch. Goal Completion Goal – When you start a new workout, you can either set a goal for Calories, Time, or an Open Goal. One of my favorite things… [More]

John Gruber on the Apple Watch Series 3

There’s no way to review this watch without mentioning the red dot on the digital crown. All cellular equipped Series 3 watches, including all the stainless steel models, the ceramic Edition models, and the Hermès models, have this red dot…. [More]

ToneBands Review

Overview & Disclaimer ToneBands are Apple Watch Sport Bands that have a pin that matches the black Apple Watch finish. The pin is the metal part that connects the two ends of the band. Each band is available for sale… [More]

ToneBands – Apple Watch Bands with Black Pins

If you have a Space Gray or Space Black Apple Watch, you got a watchband that has a matching space gray/black pin. If you’ve ever looked at the apple watch band store, you might be disappointed to learn that the… [More]

Pebble Time

Pebble Time is the latest and greatest watch made by Pebble, Inc. In almost every way, it’s a completely different watch compared to the previous versions, the Pebble and Pebble Steel. In the announcement video on kickstarter, Eric Migicovsky pitched the Pebble… [More]

Why I’m getting a Pebble Time and not an Apple Watch

Yesterday, I was totally on board with buying an Apple Watch when it was released. Today, the Pebble Time launched on Kickstarter. I had to reevaluate my situation. I’m a runner without a watch, and I’m hoping to run in… [More]

Pebble Time – Color E-Paper Smartwatch

Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what’s important in your day. This thing looks amazing. Great work by the team at Pebble.

Compare Apple Watch Models

When I buy products, I am ok with spending $100 more to get a better video card or more storage. I got the 128 GB iPhone 6. I got the best MacBook Pro I could buy. However, I don’t plan on buying… [More]