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Reddit Goes Dark

A bunch of subreddits are protesting the firing of a reddit employee and lack of communication between the administration and the moderators. I hope this blows over soon.

Apple TV under… iPod?

Today, my friend @JayRay pointed out that Apple TV doesn’t have a spot on the main navigation on I then noticed that it’s under iPod’s section. Why in the world would that be? I have to suspect that Apple… [More]

The Book Cover that Judges You

My aim was to create a book cover that is human and approachable-hi-tech. If you approach the book, the face recognition system picks up your face and starts scanning it for signs of “judgement”. If you’re over excited or your face… [More]

Here’s Waldo: Computing the optimal search strategy for finding Waldo

“But Randy, don’t you have better things to work on? You know, curing cancer, solving world hunger… ANYTHING else?”, a sane person would have said at that point. Too bad that sane person wasn’t around. I’m glad they weren’t around…. [More]

Wirecutter is ruining my life

But then I noticed the downside. I looked around my life and I saw all the things that I’d already bought, in the past, without the help of Wirecutter. These garbage products consumed without even three thousand words of testing and analysis. Just… [More]