John Gruber on the Apple Watch Series 3

There’s no way to review this watch without mentioning the red dot on the digital crown. All cellular equipped Series 3 watches, including all the stainless steel models, the ceramic Edition models, and the Hermès models, have this red dot…. [More]

Concept: Mac Pro 2

The best fake product I’ve seen this month. The only thing I’d wonder is what the airflow would look like.

Why You Should Install Security Updates to iOS

I update my iPhone every time there’s a new version of iOS, but I make sure everyone I love has security updates right away. You should too.

Reddit Goes Dark

A bunch of subreddits are protesting the firing of a reddit employee and lack of communication between the administration and the moderators. I hope this blows over soon.

Dark Sky 5

For iPhone 6 users, we are also including the option to turn on automatic pressure sensor reporting. The iPhone 6 comes with a built-in barometer, primarily used for determining altitude. But there also exists the potential to revolutionize weather forecasting…. [More]

Pebble Time – Color E-Paper Smartwatch

Color e-paper smartwatch with up to 7 days of battery and a new timeline interface that highlights what’s important in your day. This thing looks amazing. Great work by the team at Pebble.

The Book Cover that Judges You

My aim was to create a book cover that is human and approachable-hi-tech. If you approach the book, the face recognition system picks up your face and starts scanning it for signs of “judgement”. If you’re over excited or your face… [More]

Here’s Waldo: Computing the optimal search strategy for finding Waldo

“But Randy, don’t you have better things to work on? You know, curing cancer, solving world hunger… ANYTHING else?”, a sane person would have said at that point. Too bad that sane person wasn’t around. I’m glad they weren’t around…. [More]

Wirecutter is ruining my life

But then I noticed the downside. I looked around my life and I saw all the things that I’d already bought, in the past, without the help of Wirecutter. These garbage products consumed without even three thousand words of testing and analysis. Just… [More]

Jason Snell on CarPlay

It’s currently very early days for CarPlay. The technology currently appears on a small number of aftermarket car stereos and as an option in some brand-new cars. It’s an attempt by Apple to create a more appropriate in-car interface for… [More]